Anti Snore Shirt and Bumper Belt by REM A TEE
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Bumper Belt by Rematee to Help Stop Snoring
Rematee Bumper BeltThe Rematee anti snore bumper belt is the best selling and most versitile of the anti snore products to help stop snoring. The latest design is made from neoprene so is extra-specially comfortable when worn directly on the skin.

The belt simply wraps around your chest- held with velcro and will keep you sleeping on your side all night helping you to stop snoring.

The belt comes with replaceable blow up bumpers which inflate and deflate easily so it's perfect for travelling too.

Rematee Bumper Belt
The video below demonstrates how easy the Rematee bumper belt is to use. You can wear it over any of your own clothes or straight onto your skin. 

It's made with alot of stretch so it moves with your body when you move.

The Rematee bumper belt comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and ships from the USA within 24 hours.

If buying from the UK it's still cheaper to have it shipped from the US than buying here.

Check out the video below and then head to the  Rematee website for more information and to make a purchase. 

For a 10% discount, enter ARBC16 at the checkout.