Anti Snore Shirt and Bumper Belt by REM A TEE
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Anti Snore Shirt by Rematee
or Rematee Bumper Belt to Help you Stop Snoring
                    Rematee Anti Snore T Shirt  - 10% Discount Code ARBC16
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The Rematee Anti Snore Shirt and Rematee bumper belt are perfect for anyone who stops snoring when they sleep on their side.

The anti snore shirt is a simple but genius invention; it has 3-4 inflatable bumpers on the back of it which keep the wearer sleeping on their side, therefore allowing the airway to stay open more easily and hopefully helps to stop snoring.

The Rematee anti snore shirt has extensive medical support and is recommended by more than 1000 sleep doctors and dentists to help stop snoring and sleep apnea, based on comfortable positional therapy.

There are several designs for men, women and children including the most popular bumper belt.These allow you to wear your own night clothes, or wear the strap around bumper belt straight on your skin. The bumper belt is actually the best selling item and when you watch the video you'll see how easy it is to use. (See next page).
The inflatable bumpers allow you to adjust the size and pressure needed for your comfort and can actually hold up to 300lbs of direct weight.They collapse easily so you can pack your kit away for travelling.
Rematee products range from $47- $100 depending on the product and size and everything comes with a 30 day money back guarentee!

Below is a direct link to the website which should answer all your questions on sleep apnea, snoring and the rematee anti snore shirt and other products. The website allows you to place an order for delivery anywhere in the world.

For a 10% discount enter the code ARBC16 at the checkout.

Click here to visit the Anti Snore Shirt website.

I wish you the best of luck in you mission to stop snoring.